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ZB 1.2.1 Update 1

ZBillingNET update 1.2.1 is almost ready! This are the main features:

  • Language Russian (ru-RU);
  • language Portuguese (pt-BR);
  • Language French (fr-FR);
  • Language Spanish (es-ES);
  • Language German (de-DE);
  • Custom Forms in ZOrderDomain, ZOrderHost, ZOrderLicense and ZOrderOthers;
  • New REST API Methods, Create new ZOrder, Modify, Delete and others;
  • Default DateTime in input box now is in iso 8601 format;
  • Email templates vars bug fixed;
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ZBillingNET version 1.2 Out Now!

Today we released 1.2 ZBilling versions! This version has more features than the previous versions.

Finaly we finish the integration with the major website panels on the market! WebSitePanel (Windows), Cpanel (Linux) and Plesk (Windows and Linux). We hope that fits what peoples needs!

ZBilling also fixed more than 20 known issues.

Download the new version right now!

ZB 1.2 Update 2

Good Morning… Yes is a good morning because Plesk integration is done!

With this integration you can:

  • Create New Accounts;
  • Associate account with domain and web plans;
  • Suspend accounts and web plans;

Stay toned for the next news!

ZB 1.2 Update 1

ZBilling developer team finishes today CPanel integration. With this integration you will be able to:

  • Create new CPanel Accounts;
  • Suspend CPanel Accounts;
  • UnSuspend CPanel Accounts;

Other bugs were fixed too.

Best Regards

ZBillingNET version 1.1 release

We have released today the 1.1 version! This version as a new cool features such as, integration with hosting panels and new payment gateways.

We also release a new SDK and Language pack.

Check It now.

ZB 1.1 Update 3

Finaly ZBilling come with Out-of-the-box payment gateways:

  • PayPal (Production and SandBox for testing)
  • 2CheckOut (Production and SandBox for testing)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Invoice with or without tax;
  • Order form for product type “other” fixed;
  • New Order from backoffice price count fixed;
  • Logo for front-office img-responsive;
  • Add SMTP test connection button;
  • New Order bugs when is login as Admin;
  • Dashboard color problems;
  • Cron Job for Invoices fixed;

Soon Version 1.1 will be available! stay tuned!


ZB 1.1 Update 2

ZBilling fixed today this current bugs:

  • Order Status drop down list;
  • Order Hosting new save button;
  • ZClient with Account Number, integer auto increment;
  • Invoice layout changed