iFrame zbilling

New Order wizard with iframe embedded support

Good news for who looking for a new order form embedded in own website. ZBillingNET Version > 2.0 will support iframe for new order wizard webpage.

Good looking web page with responsive design and ready to be embedded in your website. Basically users will facing a cool interface and powerfull integrated then they will feel they are on the same site.

Authorize.net Payment gateway integration

An Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account allows you to accept credit cards and electronic checks from websites and Internet auction sites. With ZBillingNET (version > 1.3) you have 2 ways to integrate with Authorize:

  • DPM (Direct Post Method) – Payment webpage hosted by ZBillingNET Sofware;
  • SIM (Server Integration Method) – Payment webpage hosted by Authorize;

Other features:

  • Offline payments;
  • Online payments;
  • Invoice number integration;
  • Client Number integration;
  • SandBox.
Responsive Email Templates

Responsive Email Templates for Email Alerts

Next 1.3 Version will arrive with 10 Powerfull Responsive Email Templates for free!

If you don´t know how to create beautifull emails, don´t worry, we have 10 free responsive templates for you. You also can create more or import a new one from paid templates websites.

TinyMCE editor let you control all template DIV elements and more!


Stripe Credit Card Integration

In version > 1.2.5 you will be able to active Stripe Payment GateWay.

Stripe Payment Gatway provide you 2 ways to process the payments.

  • By Form Hosted by Stripe;
  • Credit Card (Hosted by ZBilling);

This feature will allow you to use credit card in offline mode. Offline Mode is to make automatic transaction, every time a new invoice is created.