new order page

Better New Order Page

Hi EveryOne,

My Name is Rafael and i am from developer team. Today i gona show you how new order page will looks like.

We did improvements on order page. Order page is an essential part of get new Leads and Clients. So we work hard to bring this powerfull new order page to you. Full responsive and easy to adapt to your website!

Stay tuned for more news.


ticket support

Improvements on Ticket System

We are developing improvements on Ticket System. Now you can assign a ticket in an easy way to a member of staff.

Another important feature is attach a file to a ticket reply. You can attach a file every time you or our customer submit a new ticket reply.

Last but not least, you have a small WYSIWYG editor for reply. It means that you can have some links and text formating.



SaaS Order SubProducts

New SaaS Product Type and SubProducts like AddOns

It’s been a few days since the last news about the latest updates. Today I gonna speak a little more about a new product call SaaS.

In ZB v3.0 new products come out! SaaS and AddOn.

SaaS is the perfect choice if you have a SasS product and what a billing software for that. You can create a SaaS product with username, password and domain required. Domain you can define if you want to use your domain as sub-domain or as sub-site.

AddOn is the normal add-on product. Is a simple product with a custom billing cycle.

SaaS Order

SaaS Order