ZB Extensions


SDK comes with great help tools like classes of all objects (Clients, Products,…), for use as strongly typed, Interfaces and C# Examples too.

So you can create:

  • Plugins – Run over Update or Create event of an Entity (Example: On Client Create, you can run custom .NET code);
  • Payments Gateway – Custom payments can be done too. In invoice client chose what payment gateway prefers and on click execute your code;
  • Actions – Simple Html button in Order, Client, Products,…, Forms. On click execute your custom .NET code. Like plugin, but in this case on-demand;
  • WebAPI – Are you PHP, Java, JavaScript, C#, python developer? Great! You can use your expertise and integrate others application whit Web API using HTTP protocol and JSON for objects. For more information about WebAPI please our visit Documentation page.

Hosting and Registrar Integration

We are working to integrate top popular Hosting Panels and Registrar Services. Soon will be available to download. Can´t wait? Create your own using Action extensions (SDK example).

Download Software Development Kit (SDK) now for free and start to developer now!