ZBilling NET Release Notes

ZBillingNET 3.0 (2016/04)
– New: Product AddOns;
– New: Product SaaS;
– New: Now login can be done using Username or Email
– New: Can run inside a subpage;
– New: Icons;
– New: Attachments in tickets;
– New: Install Page;
– New: NewOrder Page Layout;
– New: DashBoards;
– New: DashBoards with date range;
– Performance: Javascript;
– Fix: Domain validation;
– Fix: Bugs;
– Notes: This version will delete all current dashboards and create new ones.

ZBillingNET 2.2 (2015/12)
– New: Instalation page for easy install
– Fix: Performance;
– New: Background tasks by HangFire;
– Fix: Bugs;

ZBillingNET 2.1 (2015/12)
– Fix: Javascript OnSave LoadBox block validation
– Fix: Invoice cancel bug
– Fix: Invoice PDF with Pay or Cancel note
– Fix: Delete records
– New: Audit button in Generic Config
– New: WebAPI with Bear Tokens
– Fix: Bugs

ZBillingNET (2015-10-04)
– Fix: Job Invoice.ashx calculate next billing date;
– Fix: Interface issues;
– Fix: Bugs;
– Fix: Job Order.ashx suspend pending services;
– New: Generic Search;

ZBilling (2015-09-10)

– Warning: This version will delete all your email templates and payments gateways for new ones. Make a backup before do the update;
– Warning: New TicketStatus change values.
– New: PayPal REST API with Credit Card support;
– New: Stripe Payment GateWay with Credit Card Support and Express Checkout;
– New: Authorize.NET Payment GateWay Credit Card Support and Express Checkout;
– New: PagSeguro Payment GateWay with Express Checkout;
– New: Capture Credit Card on Trial registration and Offline Payment;
– New: Email templates with intellisense support;
– New: Email templates with RazorEngine Technology;
– New: Email templates with TinyMCE (WYSIWYG);
– New: Email templates with 10 suggest html templates;
– New: New Order Wizzard forms;
– New: Price table for new orders;
– New: More than 10 Bootstrapp themes for Front-Office;
– New: SystemUsers with small image;
– New: Copy product;
– Fix: Framework Errors;
– Fix: Custom Fields with errors;
– Fix: Cron Jobs preformance;
– Fix: Other bugs fixed;
– Improvement: Instalation/ Update 10 times fast;

ZBilling 1.2.4 (2015-06-1)

  • Default User is now in web.config;
  • API call custom Plugins (Events) not working;
  • OnSave Client and Order “Loading” message to avoid double submit;
  • Username, domain and password with regex;
  • Get License request is now trackin on Audit;
  • Button in Custom Actions css changed;
  • Now can create trial Products in price details;
  • In product form, new tab with product links;
  • API bugs fixed;
  • On Save forms Optimized;
  • Other bugs fixed;

ZBilling 1.2.3 (2015-05-1)

  • ENOM Registrar Integration;
  • Full Country List;
  • Invoice PDF Generator;
  • Client form with new Actions and Layout;
  • More icons;
  • Send email adhoc in client form;
  • Custom fields bug fixed;
  • Other bugs fixed;

ZBilling 1.2.2 (2015-04-10)

  • Filter results in Orders grid;
  • Cancel button on email template bug fixed;
  • Custom field just back office protected fixed;
  • Dashboard security bug fixed;
  • Related Orders just for the context client bug fixed;
  • Auto approve Paypal bug fixed;
  • Log and Audit bugs fixed;
  • Domain validation on NewOrder and Initial Configuration option;
  • Optimize js and css;
  • Other bugs fixed;

ZBilling 1.2.1 (30-03-2015)

  • Language Russian (ru-RU);
  • Language Portuguese (pt-BR);
  • Language French (fr-FR);
  • Language Spanish (es-ES);
  • Language German (de-DE);
  • Custom Forms in ZOrderDomain, ZOrderHost, ZOrderLicense and ZOrderOthers;
  • New REST API Methods, Create new ZOrder, Modify, Delete and others;
  • Default DateTime in input box now is in iso 8601 format;
  • Email templates vars bug fixed;

ZBilling 1.2 (20-03-2015)

  • New CPanel integration;
  • New Plesk integration;
  • Bug fixed on the Custom dropdown list;
  • Fields Range limit fixed;
  • New CronJob SQL Table;
  • CronJob bugs fixed;
  • API ZLicence -> ZLicense endpoint changed;
  • Email Template problem fixed;
  • Generate invoices bug fixed;
  • Other bugs fixed

ZBilling 1.1 (05-03-2015)

  • New PayPal and 2Checkout out-of-the-box payments gateway;
  • Integration with WebSitePanel;
  • Invoice tax total bug fixed;
  • ZClient, field Account Number added;
  • SMTP, HostingPanel, Order forms changed and bugs fixed;
  • Other bugs fixed.

ZBilling 1.0 (03-02-2015)

  • Release date 23-01-2015;
  • We Hope you like and contribute to our project;
  • More information www.zbillingnet.com