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Better Activity Alerts

Alerts is our best friend. Everyone knows what they are and know how the work, so ZBilling DEV team update that alerts to help you in your daily tasks.

Alerts Updated:

  • Tickets – Small customer picture, ticket title and gray around the pending Tickets;
  • Services – Small Product Icon, Status, Create Date and gray around the pending Services;
  • Invoices – Small Invoice Icon, Status, Due Date and gray around the unpaid invoices;


charts with date range

Charts with date range


Finaly is the correct word for this post. Now you can have charts with date range. After version 3.0 you are able to chose the range data you want for your Line, Bar and Table charts. A simple and fast way yo access to the period that you are looking for. Remember this is valid for ZBilling Out-of-the-box charts and you can create your own with date range!