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ZBilling allows you to create custom DashBoards. Dashboards configuration are in top menu under System Config.

dashboard menu

Inside a Dashboard item


Dashboard Form

Public: This set if the dashboard will be visible to all SystemUsers;

DropDown Available: This Dashboard will be visible at top menu DashBoard DropDown List;

Columns: Number of columns for this Dashboard;

Sub Dashboard: A Dashboard that will be showing under this. For Example, you can define One Dashboard with 3 columns (line one) and other with 2 columns (line two), and so one… For the second Dashboard you should unset DropDown Aviable.


dashboard items

Items are the charts, data tables and custom HTML code, you can define different item types for each position on chart.

Icons inside Items are based in HTML so you can include custom img html tag or use font awesome as well.

System Users List

dashboard users

You can assign a not public Dashboard to a User.

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