Email templates

Are located at the top panel > Config.

Start to configure the SMTP server. You can configure a SMTP server to send for example Sales emails, other to send Order emails, and so on..

Account Templates – For Welcome Client emails and forget password.

Order Templates – Product Welcome, Activation, Suspend, Canceled.

Invoice Templates – For invoice alerts;

Support Templates – For Ticket System.

What means @Model.FullName?

ZBillingNET use a technology called RazorEngine. Razor is a markup syntax that lets you embed server-based code (VB.NET and C#) into web pages. Razor uses a syntax very similar to PHP and Classic ASP.

To start simple write @, and this will popup a list of suggestion of variables.


There is a few tips how to use the sintax:

Write Output
@DateTime.Now Current date
@DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”) Current date in format  yyyy-MM-dd

For more about dates visit:

@Model. If you are in Invoice template you will see all fields in invoice Model
@ViewBag. Your Billing Geral Configuration Vars.
@{ code here } Replace code here for a IF, While, For, Case,…. Inside the {} you don´t need to use @
@{if(Model.ZClient.FullName==”Rafael”){@Raw(“Helo Rafael”)}else{@Raw(“You are not Rafael”)}} Raw means is to not encode HTML, but here means Write. Don´t use spaces between operations like if (Model => use if(Model
@{ if(Model.NextBillingDate != null){ @Raw(“Next Billing Date: “+Model.NextBillingDate.Value.ToShortDateString()) } } Model.NextBillingDate is Nullable, it means that can be null and when you try to acess to Model.NexBillingDate.ToString(“..”) it returns: object reference not set to an instance of an object

For more trips please visit this links:

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