Configure CPanel integration

  • First, you need to configure the Hosting Panel in top menu, Config > Hostings;
  • Add new one, and in panel drop down list, select CPanel and set the WHM host, Username and Remote Access Key (Hash) (see the image);
cpanel Remote Access Key

cpanel Remote Access Key

  • Now go to Products>Hosting and select one or create new one;
  • Create new Order;
  • In Hosting info tab, select the Hosting that you created;
  • Execution: You can run the integration every time the order status is changed or you can add a button in an order form page to create the integration manual. Normal is both;
  • Package Name: Name that you create on WHM portal;
  • The rest of radio buttons are optional;

Now in order you have the integration available:

cpanel create account



  • In CPanel you only have one hosting account per username, so if you have one Client with 2 Hosting Orders, you need have 2 different usernames;
  • When an Order is cancelled, for security reasons, ZBilling don´t delete a Cpanel account, you need to do manually.