Configure Plesk integration

  • First, you need to configure the Plesk Hosting Panel in top menu, Config > Hostings;
  • Add new, and in panel drop down list, select Plesk and set:
    • Host Address (Normally is https://[YourHostHere] :8443)
    • Username;
    • Password;
  • Now go to Products>Hosting and create new;
  • Go to Order > New Order;
  • In Hosting info tab, select the Hosting that you created;
    • Execution: You can run the integration every time the order status is changed or you can add a button in an order form page to create the integration manual. Normal is both;
    • Package Name: Package name that you created on Plesk Panel;
    • IP Address: One IP that you have in plesk panel;

Now in order you have the integration available

plesk account create

plesk account create


  • The username used to create a new Account in Plesk is the username in ZClient form. If user don´t have login enable, will be using the Username in ZOrderHosting;
  • The username and password for the Hosting Plan will the ZOrderHosting Username and Password;
  • So, the user to make login in Plesk can use Username in ZClient form and Username in ZOrderHosting form;
  • The Password is always the what user has in ZOrderHosting form;