PayPal GateWay

As you may have noticed ZB has 2 types of PayPal Processing:

  • Express CheckOut (3ºparty hosted)
  • Credit Card (Self-Hosted)

Express CheckOut

This is the traditional Payment integration. ZB redirects you to PayPal payment web page and every action is inside Paypal website. After complete successful transaction PayPal redirects for ZB Invoice and set as Paid. Simple, just set you paypal registration email and ready to go! Take a look:

paypal express config

paypal express checkout zbilling


Credit Card

Self-Hosted Credit Card. Need off line payment? Want to process payment automatic every time a new invoice is created? This is the way.

What need to do?

  1. Create PayPal dev account
  2. Create new App;
  3. Coppy Client Id and Secret from paypal and past into ZBilling;
  4. Ready to GO!

Take a look:

paypal create app

paypal create app2

paypal credit card

credit card