Payment Plugin

This example is only available for c# or

  1. After download SDK from ZBilling Portal open project PaymentsGateWay with Visual Studio;
  2. In this example we advise you to read our code PayPal.cs;
  3. Add to References the dll inside bin folder;
  4. Method Execute is the where you need to put your custom code. ZBilling sends you the ZContext that include:
    • Item (Invoice object. Here you have complete invoice object);
    • Config (ZBilling config object);
    • HTTPRequest and HTTResponse (to preform custom request and get responses);
  5. Method CallBack is where the response going from 3º party website;
  6. After add you custom code, build project.


Go to System Config > Payment GatWays > Upload Payment Plugin > Upload PaymentGateWay.dll. ZBilling will import your assembly if found a class that implements IPaymentPlugin;

You can have more classes that implements IPaymentPlugin in the same assembly.


SignUp Active: Will be visible in new order form;

Active: Activate or Deactivate Action;

Configuration: To avoid “Hard Code” you can use this field to import values to _configuration (string) variable inside you class. You can use this variable inside the Execute method.

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