A Hosting product don´t need to be a necessary hosting product for WebHostings. If you are a designer or a freelancer and you have a customer website (Owner by You), you can set this product for your needs.

If you want a domain associate to this product, TLD´s define by you, simple Create Domain product (see domain product page), and in Hosting info tab (inside hosting product) select the domain in Domain Product.

hosting product

Create Hosting Prices

ZBilling allows you to set a price for a product for X days + Y months

Payment Type: Free, One Time payment and Recurrent.

Allow Signup: If this domain is available throw New Order Webpage.

Days: If recurrent, this field will be used to SUM next billing invoice date. Example: 15, Invoice will be generated every 15 days.

Months: If recurrent, this field will be used to SUM the next billing invoice date. Example: 6, invoice will be generated every 6 Months.

The values is in the currency that you define in the product.

price generic

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