What is ZBilling?

ZBilling Net is a Free ASP.NET MVC Billing solution, for everyone who are looking for a recurring billing software.

ZB is the best option if you are looking for:

  • Subscription Billing Software;
  • Recurring Billing Software;
  • License Management and Billing Software;
  • Web Hosting Billing Software;
  • Freelancers Billing Software;
  • Clients Services Management;
  • Retainer Billing Software;
  • SaaS application Management;
  • Ticket Support;
  • And much, much more! Take a look!

Say, welcome ZBillingNET!


This is not just a billing software

You can have a full Ticket and Knowledge Base System as well. So is 3 in one, Billing, Ticket and Knowlage Base;

Need Reports for your data?

With ZB (ZBilling) you can create custom Charts, Reports over your data! Is Simple!

ZBilling Loves Windows Azure (L)

You can run ZBilling over your local IIS and in azure Like Azure WebSite (SaaS) environment.

ZBilling Extensions

Are you PHP, Java, JavaScriptC#, VB.NET and Python developer? Great! You can use your expertise for create great extensions over ZB!

So you can creating custom Plugins and WebAPI Calls (JSON REST);

So let´s resume, With ZB you can

Back Office (You)

  • Create Clients;
  • Create Products;
  • Create Orders;
  • Create Invoices;
  • Create Reports (Dashboards);
  • Add much more..

Front Office (Your Clients)

  • Order a Service;
  • Submit Ticket;
  • Read Knowledge base articles;
  • Consulting Invoices and Pay them;
  • And much more…