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    Hi, I’m evaluating your software for a specific project (looks fantastic by the way) and was wondering if custom fields can be added to the client side and made editable?

    We need the ability to add additional fields to those specified and allow the client to update them when required. We are launching a message taking service and our clients can provide us with some basic questions and answers that we use with their customers. Clients may want to change these so we need this ability.

    Is this possible or is there potentially another solution?


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    Rafael Rocha

    ZBilling Out-Of-The-Box, you can add custom fields over ZClient, ZOrderHost, ZOrderLicence, ZOrderOther, ZOrderDomain forms and define if is to show on backoffice (just system users) or frontoffice (client can edit) or both.

    You can add Text Box, Text Area , Dropdown, and Radio Buttons. You can set them as required or not too.

    If you are using our API, you have access to custom fields values too.


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    Perfect. But one those values are set i.e. during an order (which is where they need to go as they will be product specific) then can the client edit them after they have been set?

    I understand that these can be done via ZClient, but can they also be edited at any time via ZOther?


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    Rafael Rocha

    The field appears during an order too. If you create a custom text field in ZOrderDomain, when client request new Domain Service, he will see that text field on the Order form page.
    That field can be changed after order is complete too.

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    Thanks. So I checked this on the demo using the ‘other’ product category. The custom field is visible during the order and is also visible in the admin panel after the order is completed.

    But, i doesn’t appear in the client side panel for them to alter after the order is completed – it only shows the order details. This is what I really need, for the client to be able to see this and edit the fields when they need to.

    I also tested it using a domain order and as you said the field is visible here, but there is no option to save/update. So even if they can edit the field it can’t be updated.

    If this could be added to other orders and the ability to update added this would be perfect


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    Yes, update is on roadmap to next release

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    Version 1.2.3 is out! You have extra features in Custom Fields, check it out!

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