As you know, ZBillingNET is the first Microsoft ASP.NET affordable recurring Billing System on Market. Is the unique alternative to php Billing Systems already out there. Be a part of this project means that you will be facing new business opportunities, so don´t miss that! Be reseller of our software and make money.


To become Reseller/Partner you need to had at least 5 active licenses (30% discount).

ZBillingNET provide ZVL (ZBillingNET Volume Licensing). So it means, the more you sell, the more discount you can get.

You can Start with 5 licenses, that means a 34,5$/monthly fee.

Reseller Benefits

  • ZBillingNET Code Support;
  • Set you free to order a new ZBillingNET feature for our RoadMap;
  • ZBillingNET technical team direct phone contact;
  • Get Great Discounts;
  • Earn Money by Selling ZBillingNET what price you want (No Branding and Linkback)

Discount Table for Resellers

Total Licenses Discount Price for you /each license
5 30% 6.9$
6-20 40% 5.90$
21-30 50% 4.90$
+31 60% 3.90$

Discount for Partners

Be the first ZBillingNET Partner in your Country and get more than 60% of Discount in our License Reseller Program. For more information please send us an email.

The information that you are looking for is not in this page? Don’t worry, feel free to send us an email with your questions.